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BuSINESSes We have worked with Include...

Let's Kickstart off your biz!

with our

Marketing Plans

Industry Niche research
Competitor Research

Website SEO Audit
Social Media Audit

Google Audit
Your Audience Research
Keyword Research

Hashtag Research

SWOT Analysis

Sample Content Curation


The Above Written Report
Written Marketing Strategy

Written Social Media Platform Hacks

Marketing Plan Presentation

1st Hour of  E-Marketing Training

Business Marketing Plans

Online Retail Store
(Includes  Amazon, Etsy)

Get Pre-Qualified Leads Funneled RIGHT TO You!

with our

Custom ONLINE Marketing FUNNELS

  • Ad Content Creation
  • Landing Page Design
  • Lead Magnet Creation
  • Web Design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Email Campaign Designs + Automation
  • Social Posting Calendar Automation
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) Ad Design + Testing
  • Google PPC Ad Automation

  • Social Media Platform PPC Automation

  • A - B  Ad + Post Testing

  • Weekly + Monthly KPI Results Analysis 

* Investment depends on contract length and ad budget.

Let's Build Your Following


Loyal Customer Base

with our

Social Media Services


  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Yelp
  • Blogger
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • TikTok
  • Snapchat
  • Twitter
  • TikTok
  • Tumblr
  • Spotify
  • TripAdvisor

Social Media Account Management
 (2 - 12 week contracts  with 3-15 Social Media Platforms) 

investment 150/wk +  PPC Ad Budget

Content Creation and Curation

Social Media Account Posting Calendars

Social Media PPC Campaign TARGETING Set Ups

Platform Engagement

Follow and Engage Niche Accounts and Groups daily to boost following


Online Reputation Management

Google + Social Media Review + Comment Replies




Training: Social Media HACKS + SEO
for BUSINESS Owners

Includes cliff notes

group TRAINING Classes



Visual Branding  of Social Media Accounts

(up to 5 accounts, including artwork)                               

Social Media Content Posting

(1x/wk, up to 5 accounts - not recommended)                     

Social Media Content Posting

(1x 5 days/wk, up to 5 accounts - recommended)     

Social Media Account Monthly Analytic Reports

A-B Testing reports

Content keyword Writing                                                 

Content Photography                    

Content Videography 

Event Influencing PR Live                                                 

Influencing Video                                                               

Influencer Match Maker

Join our

Fort Wayne Small Business Network

for FREE Social Media Tips 'n' Hacks


Let's Create you some

snazzy content

with our

Photography - COMMERCIAL

Commercial Orders

Graphic Design ServiceS





Logos, Website Graphics, Branding, Labels, Product Inserts, 
Business Cards, Fliers, Mailer Designs, Labels, 
Signs Posters, Brochures, Pamphlets, Catalogs

Social Media Account Branding with Correct Image Sizes

PRINT + Promo Merch


Business Cards, Magnets, Post Cards, T-Shirts, Signage, Brochures, Catalogs, Window Clings, Banners, etc...

Online vendors take 5-7 business days to deliver, but is always less expensive than local printers and prices vary depending on which printer has a sale that week on the particular item that is needed. Call for weekly quotes.


Local vendors can have print media done within 1-6 hours, but is very expensive. 


Custom Promo Merchandise designs are designed and are also outsourced for printing. Merchandise is received most often in 5-10 business days. 

Graphic Design Layout 

Logo Design 


Animated Logo Reveals

Explainer Video Animations


Web Design

Investment 150 - 1000
Depending on the Complexity and how many # of products are in a shopping cart set up.

Landing Pages

Multi Link Page Website 

Shopping Cart and Payment Center add on

Amazon, or Etsy Store Set up (1 item)

Training to maintain Website and Add Products and Services 

Search engine optimization  ( SEO )
 Adding and Optimizing Google Business Listing

 Website MetaTag content writing

 Backlink SetUps   

 Blog Set Up

 Keyword Research +

 Instagram Hashtag Research

On Page SEO Audits & Recommendations

Off Page SEO Audits and TRAINING


Contact us for your


consultation, and we will design a marketing package just for you!



Investment Depends on # of Crew and Equipment needed,

time filming, and time editing required)

60 sec. Slideshow with Text                           

2.5 min. Slideshow with Text                             


30 Second TV Promos (2 hour shoot time, 4 hr editing)                     

60 Second TV Promos (single event) (2 hour shoot time, 8 hr editing)     

60 Second TV Promos (6 hour shoot time, 10 hr editing, 3 events) 

2 minute Social Media Promo (2 hour shoot time, 6 hr editing)                   

10 minute Online Promo (2 hour shoot time, 10 hr editing)                     

30 minute Infomercial (2 hour shoot time, 15 hr editing)                   


60 minute Program (2 hour shoot time, 25 hr editing)             

6 hour event footage (raw)                               


(Add Visual Transitions/Audio Fades)       

Media Buying

  Submissions to Local Print, TV, Radio,


  Phonebook , and Local Guides

  (Add on to other marketing services only)



Business Launch Package

Use of all of the above services for 6 mos in the Marketing areas of...

Does not include print fees, web hosting fees, or ad campaign fees.


Marketing Strategy  

  Industry Niche and Competition Research
  Marketing Plans, Business Plans, Grant Proposals

  Creative Branding Ideas  (Naming, Taglines, Logo Concept, Colors, Themes)

  Storefront Layout Planning

  Grand Opening Event Planning

  Trade Show Booth Design

  Product, Storefront and Staff


Graphic Design
  Logo Design

  Business Card Template for all Employees

  Email Branding
  Word Document Letter Head

  Form Creation  (Fillable online and Printable)

  Store Sign Design and Printing
  Grand Opening Signage, Banners, Posters and Window Clings
  Print Ad Template Designs

 Web Design
  Landing Page Design

  Email Campaign Template Design


Commercial Video Production and Editing

  Video Promo (60 second, 30 second, 2.5 min)

 Search Engine Optimization 
  Adding and Optimizing Google Business Listing

  Website MetaTag content writing
  Backlink SetUps

  Blog Set Up

   Keyword Research

   Hashtag Research


Social Media Marketing 
  Branding of all Social Media Accounts and Website
  Social Media Calendar Automation Set up
  Content Creation and Curation for your Niche


Social Media Account Management
  Content Creation and Curation for 30 - 90 day Calendar

  Social Media Marketing and Account Management in 1-6 month contractions
  Platform Engagement with Niche Accounts and Groups 1-2 mo.
  Social Media Platform Training for Employees for SEO

Investment Range:

500 - 6K  Depending on the Contract Length and Complexity of  Content Creation Services, Whether Automation is set up, Your PPC Ad Budget and whether you have an online retail store.

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