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Video Services

​Business Videography


Investment Depends on # of Crew and Equipment needed,

time filming, and time editing required)

Royalty free music is added. We are unable to add copyrighted music.

Slideshow with Text (Not Including Photography Shoot) 


30 Second TV Promos

(up to 2 hour shoot time, 4 hr editing)

60 Second TV Promos (single event)

(up to 2 hour shoot time, 6 hr editing)                                         

60 Second TV Promos

(up to 4hr shoot time, 10 hr editing, up to 3 shoot sessions)   

30 minute Infomercial                                

(up to 2 hour shoot time, 15 hr editing)                                     


60 minute Program                         

6 hour event footage (raw)                                             


6 hour event with Visual Transitions/Audio Fades

Social Media Lower Resolution Sample Videos like below offered free occasionally to random mailing list subscribers! So make sure to subscribe!

Band Video PromoS Click Here

Does not include price of printing or merchandise.

  Video Promo Compilation of up to 5 Songs

  5 individual Song Videos

  Funky Light and Pattern Transitions Included

Documentary or Other Long Video Project

Wedding Video

Compilation of footage from getting ready through the
    reception tosses (600-1000 clips taken)

Beautiful Transitions between scenes
Title Page

Music Added

Other Event Videography

Title Page

Music Added



Animated Intros

Animated Logo Reveals
Credit Outros
Fancy Transitions between scenes/photos/clips
Text on different scenes/products/clips

Music added



Voice Overs

Shorter Highlight Version in Addition

Live Audio Capture with Boom Mic or Lapel Mic to Receiver Feeds

Social Media Marketing of the Video

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