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My Dream. 
     I was accepted into the Graphics & Marketing program at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, but I couldn't afford the out-of-state tuition, so in 1998, I finished my BS in Education (Teaching) at Indiana University.  
Photography + Web Design. 
     College was pretty easy for me, so I spent my spare time learning photography, web design, photographing musicians and designed their promotional websites
"I LOVE bringing out the best in people & things, & showing them off to the world! 
      My boys participated in pageants when they were infants and toddlers. We won every pageant (50% of the scores were based on the photographs taken of the boys). We also won hundreds of photo contests!  Pageant parents began asking me to shoot their child(ren)'s photos too.! So I began photographing contestants' head/body shots, & personality shots. I set up my own photography studio in my home so that I could continue to work at home with my ASD children.  I also began to photograph familiesweddings, other events, and high school seniors.
Graphic Design
     I also ran my own online photo contest for years, and my prizes were graphically embellished portfolio pictures & digitally embellished composites. This led to my ornate wedding album page designs as well!  (Resolution, dpi, resizing, RGB, rendering, mock-ups, the Adobe Creative Suite on PC & Mac., Vector Art, fitting printer templates, wholesale printers, and even wholesale product vendors... I have learned it all along the way during the past 15yrs.). Online photo contests, and boutiques began using me to design their advertising graphics and hired me to design their websites as well.  Then I began designing advertising media for local businesses in my hometown as well. 
"My LOVE for talents, skills & innovation compels me want to make people's
hopes, dreams & visions come true!"
    I have taken Graduate level courses in Organizational Leadership, Research Methods, & Interviewing for Goals & Solutions, which enabled me to combine my creative side to the business strategies of SWOT analysis, Identifying Target Populations, Identifying Competition, to come up with Solution-Focused Marketing Proposals
    Combine that with my already established talents of branding; business/product naminglogo, motto, tag lines, product/staff/store photography, graphics/vector art, web design, print ad media, online ad design & campaign management, storefront banners and window clings, custom merchandise, product displays, interior decorum/functionality, exterior landscape design, & product descriptions, social media, videography, and SEO, and
you have one heck of a marketing strategist!
Search Engine Optimization  Social Media Communications and Networking PR became second nature for me, because it was necessary to market my own photography and graphics businesses.  I began offering it to other online photo contests and pageant sites as well, and then to local small businesses and entertainers. I am a member of nearly every social media website in order to have as many backlinks as possible to my website. 
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